About me

For the past 15+years I have been successfully designing and building small to medium sized gardens in Essex and the surrounding counties…

I’m now offering my services ‘SOLEY’ as a freelance garden designer. I have acquired the full spectrum of tools enabling me to design your garden or outside space, featuring all aspects of Hard and Soft landscaping, including project management and consultancy.

In my view a garden or outside space, no matter what the size should be a reflection of your lifestyle and personality, whether it’s a modern town garden or a country cottage style space.

Aside from the architectural elements of a garden, I like to encourage my clients to give consideration to the flora and fauna!

Planting is best not overlooked nor thought of as being ‘high maintenance’. Green spaces have a natural calming effect for us humans and hugely beneficial for wildlife

Having said that, I have no strict ‘design philosophy’ other than to listen carefully to my client’s needs and aspirations, providing a professional service from my experiences over the past 25years and to design the garden that works for you, both functionally and aesthetically.